New Year’s Day 2012

Seeing that Michael was all “rock-ed out”, there were no excursions in the mountains for me this weekend. We did venture out into the beautiful warm winter’s day though, to discover and delight in the beaches that lie on our doorstep. Although the water was crystal clear and inviting, I considered it much too cold to swim, even though the signboards invited us to do just that. We simply opted for a relaxing stroll on the water’s edge, scouring for sea shells and managing to find handfuls of the sea’s bounty. There are many treasures to be found on the beaches here and every time, so far, that we’ve gone for a walk, had a truly unique experience. We feel like the little kids we often meet that are mesmerised by the ocean and who are reluctant to leave the many delights it holds. When eventually thirst and hunger pangs drove us inland, we decided to stay close to the water’s edge and visited the Al Hamra Marina for some sustenance. The day morphed into a lazy afternoon of relaxation and dreaming of boats to take us to exotic places and a life of exploration and drifting. The exploration part is for me, while Michael would much rather spend his days fishing. Content and satisfied we wished for a year filled with love and joy.

Happy New Year!