The Art of Moving

Most people cringe at the idea of moving, as, apart from the fact that it implies change, it is never as quick and effortless as one would hope. We, over the past weekend, moved from our comfortable hotel apartment in Ras-Al-Khaimah to an empty apartment in Al Ain. It is quite amazing how much we have accumulated in the short time that we have been here. My husband’s excuse for all his tools is that he needs it for his job. My excuse for all the clothes I have is that the clothes I initially brought with weren’t quite suitable for being respectful in the local culture. And then there is our shared obsession with books, and despite the fact that I own a Kindle which I prefer, there are still plenty of books that are either not available on Kindle, or as a reference book is more suitable in the traditional form.  All excuses apart, we had a fair amount of ‘personal’ stuff we had to move into our new, empty space, but we managed just fine with two trips.

The tricky part for us was how to furnish a three bedroom apartment without breaking the bank.  We got lucky in that we managed to buy the bulk of what we need from a couple moving back to their home country. What a relief that was for us, not just in the fact that it saved us a lot of money, but also the amount of effort and time we saved in searching for furniture we like. To get our wonderful ‘new’ stuff to our apartment we had to find movers.  Having seen a company called Ideal Movers in action before, my husband thought them to be capable and thorough, so we did not hesitate to pick up the phone and book them. We were quite taken aback by the efficient and smooth operation they run.

The team of seven arrived in two cars, ahead of the truck, armed with tools, blankets, bubble wrap, paper, boxes and moving tape. In the blink of an eye they not only dismantled the big pieces of Ikea furniture and wrapped it all snugly in blankets, but everything that can break found a safe spot to travel the 7 km to their new home. Once at their destination the process was quickly reversed and before long our furniture was assembled and ready for use, while the team gave us big smiles for a final photograph before heading off to their next assignment.

I have moved many times in my life, but I have never experienced anything as effortless and pleasurable as this time around. I took extra care to save their number, as we are almost certain that we will have to pack up and move again in a year or so, and when we do, I would want the process to be painless once more.

For now though, I am having fun setting up house, and although we still need to buy furniture for the spare bedroom, a dining room table, curtains and a variety of little odds and ends, we are happy to finally live in the same place all the time.

* Ideal Movers  –  Tel: 06-5654520 or  04-2299105      Fax: 06-5654530