IKEA Magic

IKEA is a blessing for many expatriates when they arrive in the UAE. Not only do they sell furniture and household items that have a timeless feel to it, but it is also affordable. For a crowd that is often on the move again after a short stay here, it is easy to flog these pieces to some newbies. That is, after all, also how we bought our first basic items of furniture. The other great thing is that it is easy to add pieces later that go perfectly with what you already have.

Recently we went back to IKEA to extend our collection with other much needed items, like a desk, dining room table and chairs, bookcases and some kitchen units for Michael’s “Man Lab” and the unsightly gap in our kitchen. Often referred to as the store where “fighting hormones” lurk, many marital battles have its origins in the cavernous interior of the IKEA store. We managed to successfully sidestep these little critters, and three hours after we entered, we left slightly exhausted, but relieved. Bolstered by feelings of success we made a quick stop at Michael’s favourite fishing shop, as well as Spinney’s Pork shop. It being Ramadan, the road from Dubai to Al Ain felt much longer than usual, but we were content with our successful shopping spree, despite our parched throats and grumbling stomachs.

We still need to outfit a spare bedroom, and Michael has plans for more units in his sacred space, so we have started another IKEA list, but that is for another day, and another trip to what have fast become our favourite store.

The biggest joy of shopping at IKEA is that they deliver and assemble your purchases for you if the total is over a certain amount. Not difficult to reach at all when on a furniture mission. Five days later the sight of the IKEA truck made my heart soar, and the next couple of hours were a frenzy of activity, before we were left with a fine layer of dust and beautifully assembled pieces of furniture.

I couldn’t wait to clean up and move every piece to just the right place. My husband have been told in no uncertain terms that I am the chief decorator, so without any protest he sunk back onto the couch and let me fiddle and faf to my heart’s content.