Travel Dreams

Summer in the UAE is not a time for outdoor adventures as I much rather prefer spending my days in cool, air-conditioned spaces, than venturing out in what can only be described as a furnace. Although I, on occasion, linger over a cup of coffee in the mall, shopping isn’t really my thing, so this summer I spent my time traveling. Most of it I spent in Italy, living the sweet life or la dolce vita, but I’ve also been to Costa Rica, a couple of places on the African continent, and breezed through France.

Before you get green with jealousy, I will confess that my travels happened through the eyes of others and from the comfort of my couch. I love travel writing, and when my budget is tight, it is the best way to experience the world. I certainly dream of visiting Italy, but for now, I simply do not have the budget to make it a reality.

What I do have a budget for, though, is four weeks on Lamu Island (Kenya), so that is where I am off to. Stone town in Lamu is described as the oldest and best preserved Swahili settlement on the East African coast, and I will be staying in its heart. From here I will explore, learn and generally just soak up life as it is lived in this corner of the world. Best of all: if your budget doesn’t allow a trip at the moment, you can travel to Lamu through my eyes, as I will be writing regular updates and impressions from there.

See you soon!