It Smells Like Rain

It is only about 20°C outside and the sun is slowly sinking towards the horizon. At least I think it is as I cannot see it. The only bit of blue sky peeking out from behind steel grey clouds is directly opposite to where the sun is setting. It has been one of those days where I wasn’t actually sure that I was still in the UAE.

We awoke this morning to a chill in the air and grey skies. The type of weather you get at the coast and know for sure will bring drizzly, rainy weather. I was hoping for rain, but here one can never be sure that it will rain, even when it looks like it.

Being the first day of the weekend, we used it as an excuse to snuggle up for the day, being lazy. The cool weather was also just the motivation I needed to wear one of my brand new winter purchases: a silky soft black top that feels like a light whisper against my skin. I immersed myself in my book, which transported me to Greece, while Michael watched an assortment of YouTube videos: learning how to build perpetual motion machines, the intricacies of aquaponics and to make compost tea for our newly planted vegetable garden.

pancakesEarly afternoon my ears perked up excitedly, and an expectant dash to the open window confirmed that it was raining: soft, shy drops, slowly wetting the desert sand. It smelled fresh, and immediately awakened in me the desire to bake pancakes. It is a childhood memory deeply ingrained in my psyche and a way of celebrating the life-giving gift of rain. To me, cinnamon is the ultimate comfort ‘food’, and pancakes with cinnamon sugar a delight to all my senses.

Having grown up on a farm where our livelihood depended on rain, I have a deep appreciation and respect for it. Living in a country as dry as the UAE, Michael and I often feel rain-starved, with our souls deeply yearning for any kind of rain. Today we were even gifted with the deep, low rumblings of thunder during the course of the afternoon. A beautiful, special day filled with blessings, peace and quiet – the perfect start to our National Day long weekend.