A Misty Wintery Morning

Mist 1The usual early morning building noises that have become my alarm clock and are creating a familiar backdrop for me to slowly drag myself out of my dreams and warm bed were all here this morning, albeit hidden. The imposing houses that are dotting the neighbourhood that is slowly being built up dissolved into mere sound. The thick mist that was shrouding everything, including the much desired heat of the sun, was white and cold. I marveled at the beauty and mystery of mist for a moment or two with the window flung wide open, but the shiver that ran through my body made me jump back into bed, pulling the duvet over my head to allow the cocoon-like warmth to envelop me.

The last three days have slowly returned the winter-warmth I so love here, after a cold snap brought “real” winter to the UAE. I do not like being cold, so winter in general has never been my favourite season. Here though, winter is a glorious time when the scorching heat of summer retreats and leaves a season that resembles summer more than winter. It is a time to enjoy the outdoors, and it is only in the early mornings and evenings that we sometimes reach for a light jacket.

“Real” winter, on the other hand, is when I have to reach for the thick socks hiding in a dark corner of my closet, and my down vest. When I yearn for any food containing cinnamon, and the smell of curry fill my kitchen. The layers upon layers of clothing and little blanket for my legs have all failed during this time to provide me with enough heat to sit and work comfortably at my computer. I blamed the icy temperatures inside the apartment on the tile floors and high ceilings, which may be perfect for the blazing heat of summer, but quite inadequate for trapping the heat I so desperately wanted. I caught myself yearning for one of the heaters I scoffed at when I first noticed them in the supermarket. My words came back to haunt me. “Heaters? In the UAE? Surely one would never need a heater here?” For more than a week I felt cold – cold and miserable.

I am grateful though that these cold spells only last for a week or so at a time. As I am writing this, the sun has already burnt the mist away, and even though it is just after 10am, the temperature is already touching 25°C outside. Ah, another beautifully warm winter’s day awaits.Where did I leave my flip-flops?