A Touch of Spring

Clouds 1I fling the windows wide open despite my intimate knowledge of the inevitable consequences. It is a stubborn act of defiance. I know that the gleaming wood surfaces will in twenty-four hours’ time hide under a thin dusting of desert. The gloss of the floor tiles will have retreated under the cover of dullness. I crave the coolness of the early mornings that make me shiver and reach for the lingering warmth of the duvet, though.

The noonday sun is hot, and the daytime temperatures are starting to slow dance with 30°C, but the mornings and evenings are delightfully cool and pleasant. It is spring in the UAE. A short, fleeting time of near-perfect weather. Gone is the chill of winter. Socks and sweaters have, once again, found the back corners of the cupboard.

I find a myriad excuses every day to spend precious moments in the garden. Filling up on the abundant availability of fresh air. The purple haze of blooming petunias tinge the air with a delicate aroma, while birdsong cuts musically through the shade of the trees where it lingers just a little bit longer than usual.

Soon I will have to close the windows, as protection against the baking heat of summer. The drone of the air-conditioners will mask the birdsong, and being in the garden will become a chore, but for now, I am delighting in every moment I can spend outdoors.