After the Rain

CloudsThe morning dawned with whimsical brushstrokes of clouds painting a bright blue sky. After ten days of grey, it is a welcome sight. Instead of watering the garden, I found myself sitting in the coolness of the morning with a steaming cup of coffee, contemplating the cleansing properties of rain. Our small patch of garden looks lush and fertile. After occasional sprinkles and showers, culminating in rainfall far more than the yearly average, the air feels fresh. Everything has been washed clean: the buildings, trees, plants, roads, pavements, and my soul. The thin layer of semi-permanent dust that usually covers everything, dulling its true beauty, has been banished for now. It is said that the unstable weather patterns that have been dominating the Arabian Peninsula are to continue, and who knows what that will bring. So, for now, I am filling my lungs and psyche with the bounty the rain brought, and give thanks that the murderous summer heat has been staved off for another week or so.