With Gratitude

Receiving recognition never fails to bring a warm, fuzzy feeling to my heart. The blogging community is an interesting space and a great place to meet inspirational people. It is evident that countless people in the world are living the lives of their dreams.

I recently received a couple of blogging award nominations from two delicious foodie blogs: A Taste of Sri Lankan Cuisine and Kouzounas Kitchen. I, unfortunately, have a bit of a love/hate relationship with these nominations. On the one hand it feels great that someone considers my blog musings worthy of an award, but on the other it just seems like a whole lot of work. I am not one of those prolific writers who seems to effortlessly produce copious amounts of words. I tend to procrastinate, mull things over, write a bit, second guess myself, start over, procrastinate, write some more, get side-tracked, write some more, edit the piece until I cannot see straight anymore, and only then hit the “publish” button. Writing, although I enjoy it in a strange masochistic way, simply does not come effortlessly to me.

The Liebster Award, WordPress Family Award, Dragon’s Loyalty Award and The Sunshine Award are all awards that are passed around within the blogging community in the spirit of fun and sharing, but alas, also come with rules and questions. Perhaps I am just too lazy, perhaps I’m just grasping for excuses, but right now, with the weather as close to perfect as one ever gets in the UAE, I’d much rather spend my time outside than stuck in front of my computer.

I do believe in reciprocating kindness and am grateful to Ahila and Krystina for their kind generosity in nominating my blog, and although I am not officially accepting this honour, I would like to direct you over to their wonderful blogs. Both have an insatiable passion for good food, and their mouth watering recipes will probably inspire you to spend more time in the kitchen too. So while you make your way over to their kitchens, I will take my cup of coffee to the peaceful setting of my garden . . .