Top 10 Competition on Expats Blog

Expats Blog is a great blogging community that regularly challenges bloggers to participate in some friendly competition. It is a great way to discover new blogs, and as a blogger, to step out of the shadows to try and entice new readers to visit one’s blog. Not to mention some Amazon gift vouchers that are up for grabs this time around!

I do not normally write “Top 10” posts, so this challenged me in a way I’ve never been challenged before. My regular readers would know that I am forever on a quest to go “look at rocks”, as my husband puts it, so to write a list featuring the Top 10 Archaeological Sites in the UAE may not come as such a big surprise.

To vote for my entry (and I sincerely hope all of you would do so) you are required to leave a comment of a minimum of 10 words, as the organisers are looking for some thoughtful comments, and not the easy “Great blog!” type that really doesn’t say much. If you are a first-time commenter on Expats Blog you will be sent an e-mail to verify your e-mail address before your comment will actually appear and count as a vote. Yes, I know, it sounds like an awful lot of trouble to go through, but if you have 5 minutes to spare, then do the following: click on this link, read the entry (you may actually enjoy it and learn something you’ve never known), leave a comment of at least 10 words, verify your e-mail address when asked to do so, and receive my eternal gratitude.

To entice you a bit more to vote, I’ve selected a couple of photographs that I’ve taken at some of the sites that feature in my list: