Celebrating A New Year

While Dubai was busy with a record breaking firework show on New Year’s Eve, I found myself under a canopy of stars that could rival any ostentatious spectacle with its simplicity and sparkle. I must admit that I have been dazzled by firework displays before, but I am not convinced that a mere six minutes of splendour could have been worth the hours of noise, crowds, traffic jams and a long wait to experience it.

Camping 3 r

Crowds stifle me and it is peace and quiet my soul revel in, which I always manage to find in the desert. When my friend Marina, better known as the Desert Diva, invited me to go camping with her and a handful of others from her Oasis Offroad club I did not say no.

It was the perfect way to end 2013 and welcome in the new year. The icy cold of the desert at night was kept at bay with a wonderfully warm campfire, quiet conversation, and a lot of laughter.

Followed by a lazy morning, filled with the warmth of the sun, completed my idea of the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of another year. If the start to my year is any indication of what is to come, 2014 can only be good year.

Wishing for all of you magic and adventure in the year ahead, and remember these wise words from Roald Dahl:

“. . . above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.”  

* If you, like me, didn’t make it to Dubai, you can watch the spectacle with one click here.

** Find Marina’s blog, The Desert Divahere.

*** Click here for Oasis Offroad’s Facebook page.