An Evening Under The Stars

Red carpets are rolled out to form narrow pathways that lead to rows and rows of padded chairs facing an enormous purpose-built stage. A cup of coffee warms my hands, while my winter boots warm my feet. People in formal wear drift in slowly, huddle in groups to exchange news, and shuffle around to find a place to sit. Shortly after 8pm the first notes of music drift into the clear desert night, whose chill cloaks my shoulders.

The smell of popcorn is not a smell associated with a symphony orchestra, but it is an oddly appropriate scent for the cinematic theme of the music chosen for tonight’s concert. The beautifully restored Jahili Fort forms the perfect backdrop for the music that is sweeping and epic. Various pieces composed by John Williams and AR Rahman were chosen, including the Themes from Lagaan and Bombay, as well as Superman March, War Horse – Dartmoor 1912, The Symphonic Suite from Star Wars, and Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter, while Howard Shore and Gustav Holst also made an appearance on the evening’s programme.

There is something hauntingly beautiful about listening to great music executed to perfection by a world class group of musicians like the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra in a venue that recalls the past and exposes one to the rustle of the wind and a canopy of twinkling stars.

Concert 1


As part of the Abu Dhabi Classic Series, the Staatskappelle Dresden with Christian Thielemann, will have a concert at Jahili Fort on 18 February 2015.