Love Food Festival

You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.

– Paul Prudhomme –

Imagine biting into a gooey English Cheddar and Emmental toasted sandwich made from sourdough bread, followed by crispy Haloumi fries sprinkled with pomegranate seeds, and slender sticks of doughy Churros under a blue winter sky, far away from the noisy confines of a mall’s food court. With names like Bangwok, Happy Maki, Hix’s Fishdog, Oli Baba’s, The Roadery, The Shebi, and Yumtingz, the food trucks that gathered in Jahili Park, Al Ain this past weekend got me salivating with their promise of delicious morsels, long before I set foot amongst them. Being bombarded with so many choices, I was glad to be a vegetarian, as I could actually make up my mind far quicker when eliminating more than half my options, but even when we planned ahead for dinner and bought pizzas to take with us, my stomach was simply too small to sample everything on offer.

Now, in its second year, the Love Food Festival has officially arrived in the Abu Dhabi Emirate. This year there are more British food trucks than last year, and I made a point to inquire where to find the local ones later, to further eliminate my initial indecision.

If you find yourself in Abu Dhabi this coming weekend, make sure you catch these trucks before they leave our shores again.


When:  18-20 February 2016

Where:  Mushrif Park, Abu Dhabi

Timings:  Thursday 5pm-10pm; and Friday and Saturday 12pm-10pm

Entrance Fee:  AED30 online; or AED40 at the gate