Gone Walking

Part of the mystery of walking is that the destination is inside us and we really don’t know when we arrive until we arrive.

– John Francis –

 UAE summers sit heavy on the soul, and it is no surprise that those who can regularly escape the heat and dust during these long months, do. My bags are packed, and as people trickle back for the start of the new school year, I am heading off for 6 weeks in Spain. Six weeks in which I will feast my eyes on the glorious green of nature as only Galicia can offer, breath in fresh air, rejoice in the blue of the sky, drink lots of wine, bask in the love of my sister and niece, search for remnants of Al-Andalus, and walk and walk and walk.

I have never enjoyed walking more than in Spain, and over the years have left thousands upon thousands of footprints on her soil. My heart thumps in anticipation of the freedom walking offers. And so, for the next six weeks I will live fully in each moment without the constant distraction of the World Wide Web, and need to be connected with everyone and everything. I will shut out all external distraction, focus on the present, and return with new stories to tell. Until then, adiós!