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A Sea of Green

The steps of the half-restored ruin that angles towards a periwinkle sky, are slowly disintegrating. The earth from which it was built is flaking away and is returning to a powdery dust. At the top an unexpected… Continue reading

An Eid Road Trip

The requirements for a road trip is simple: a vague sense of direction, a full tank of petrol, a sense of curiosity, and enough to eat and drink in case of stumbling upon a scenic spot… Continue reading

Slowing Down For Summer

It is that time of the year again when a lull falls over life in the UAE. The sweltering heat of summer urge many expats who can, to either return to their home countries for a visit,… Continue reading

After the Rain

The morning dawned with whimsical brushstrokes of clouds painting a bright blue sky. After ten days of grey, it is a welcome sight. Instead of watering the garden, I found myself sitting in… Continue reading


The downside of living in the desert is that dusting becomes a daily chore. On those glorious windstill days, I can easily ignore the talcum powder dust sneaking into the house, but on… Continue reading

It Smells Like Rain

It is only about 20°C outside and the sun is slowly sinking towards the horizon. At least I think it is as I cannot see it. The only bit of blue sky peeking… Continue reading

An Unexpected Downpour

A I peered out the window I said to Michael: “If we were now in South Africa, I would have told you that there is a thunderstorm on its way!” His reply was… Continue reading

IKEA Magic

IKEA is a blessing for many expatriates when they arrive in the UAE. Not only do they sell furniture and household items that have a timeless feel to it, but it is also… Continue reading

All’s Well That Ends Well

In the early hours of Friday morning I woke up with a startle. As I listened to the pre-dawn sounds I wondered what exactly woke me. Then I heard it again: one sharp ‘yap’.… Continue reading

The Art of Moving

Most people cringe at the idea of moving, as, apart from the fact that it implies change, it is never as quick and effortless as one would hope. We, over the past weekend, moved… Continue reading

My “Almost” Daily Walks

The best part of my “almost” daily walks is when the cool foyer of the building where we live plucks me from the dragon’s clutches and softly welcomes me back. Yes, I still… Continue reading

Hellooooo Summer!

According to yesterday’s newspaper, May, thus far, has been the hottest on record with an average of 42°C in Abu Dhabi. Soaring temperatures make being outside unpleasant, and streets around noon often have a… Continue reading

The Joys of Being Home

The transition from traveling to the familiar daily routines of life sometimes take a bit longer than expected. My first two days back home felt surreal, but as the days passed, I slowly… Continue reading

A Walk in the Park

I love parks. Any park. I always feel welcome in its green embrace whenever the concrete and noise of urban life become too much. Wherever I travel, I always search out at least one park to visit. It is here that I can forget… Continue reading

Shopping in Dubai

If shopping is your vice, Dubai should be on your ‘to visit’ list. In this shopper’s paradise you can literally shop until you drop! I am not overly fond of shopping and shopping… Continue reading

Sunrise in Kalba

A new place-name entered our consciousness last week: Kalba. It is said to be one of the most beautiful places in the UAE, so naturally Michael and I were curious to explore the validity… Continue reading

A Place of Respite – Ras-al-Khaimah’s National Museum

Visiting the National Museum in RAK is not a very exciting experience when one is simply focusing on the exhibits. Although artefacts that were discovered in the area are housed here, and as a result, capture… Continue reading

Chasing Rainbows

Rain in the United Arab Emirates is, needless to say, scarce. Even when the clouds look full of promise, or one is lucky enough to see lightning and hear thunder, it does not… Continue reading

A Glimpse of the Volvo Ocean Race

My husband’s love of boats have urged me to pay closer attention to what is happening in the world of sailing. The Volvo Ocean Race, held every 3 years, long ago captured my imagination, as it… Continue reading

Weekend Away

Michael loves fishing. I don’t. Problem is that with him working in Al Ain, we only see one another over weekends, so his fishing expeditions have dwindled into a sorry state of non-existence. To… Continue reading