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Places to Stay: Lamu House Hotel – Lamu Island, Kenya

Name:  Lamu House Hotel Location:  Lamu Town, Lamu Island, KENYA Description:  The hotel is an excellent example of Swahili architecture. It consists of two traditional houses that were restored and adapted to house… Continue reading

Donkeys and Dhows

The muezzin’s voice, amplified through a sound system, jolts me from a restless sleep. Soon other muezzin joins in. Every voice is amplified to the point where it sounds distorted, angry, irritated. There is no trace… Continue reading

Lamu Highlights

Swahili culture has fascinated me ever since I visited Mombassa and the surrounding coast in 2001. Unable to visit Lamu Island at the time, I promised myself that one day I’ll make it there. I managed to… Continue reading

Sailing with Sinbad

The sail flaps twice before the wind catches it. There is a sudden jerk as the captain harnesses the wind. The wood groans as the dhow strains to find a symbiotic relationship with the wind.  I shake my… Continue reading

Searching for Sinbad

Sinbad, “that famous traveller who sailed over every sea upon which the sun shines”, has come to embody the spirit of seafarers from Oman. Long before the birth of Islam, the ancient Omanis… Continue reading

A Fishy Story – Part 2

“There is something wrong with this thing. It is not the same as the other one. I don’t like this!” I complained as I was reeling in yet another fish. No one was… Continue reading

A Fishy Story – Part 1

It seems that I just cannot get away from the entanglements of fishing trips! My first introduction to a fishing trip, which co-incidentally was also when my husband proposed, sadly did not manage to hook… Continue reading

On Turtle Watch

Late yesterday afternoon I was one of the lucky ones to witness turtles hatch on a deserted beach off the Kenyan coast on Manda Island, and take their first faltering steps towards the dangerous… Continue reading