Today is the first day of Shawwal, when Eid-al-Fitr is celebrated, marking the end of Ramadan. The time of fasting is over, and celebrations is the order of the day. On this day Muslims gather in… Continue reading

An Unexpected Downpour

A I peered out the window I said to Michael: “If we were now in South Africa, I would have told you that there is a thunderstorm on its way!” His reply was… Continue reading

IKEA Magic

IKEA is a blessing for many expatriates when they arrive in the UAE. Not only do they sell furniture and household items that have a timeless feel to it, but it is also… Continue reading

All’s Well That Ends Well

In the early hours of Friday morning I woke up with a startle. As I listened to the pre-dawn sounds I wondered what exactly woke me. Then I heard it again: one sharp ‘yap’.… Continue reading

A Time of Fasting

During the month of Ramadan in around 610 CE Muhammad ibn Abdallah, forty years old, a family man and a respected merchant in Mecca, retreated to a cave on the summit of Mount Hira,… Continue reading

The Art of Moving

Most people cringe at the idea of moving, as, apart from the fact that it implies change, it is never as quick and effortless as one would hope. We, over the past weekend, moved… Continue reading

In the Heart of Dubai

Summer in the UAE is, apart from the sweltering heat, also a time when travel packages are heavily discounted. Despite the decline in the number of tourists during this time, there is still a steady stream of people making… Continue reading

Al Isra Wal Miraj

Sunday was the 27th day of Rajab, which is the seventh month in the Islamic calendar, and marked the Muslim holiday of Al Isra wal Miraj or Night Journey. As the Islamic calendar… Continue reading

The Curse of Moving to a Foreign Country

Something mysterious happens when one moves to a foreign country. One day you are still in the body you brought along with you, and the next you are in a body that poses… Continue reading

The Best Part of the Day

I have always longed to have magical powers so that I could erase those lazy, unproductive hours that are bunched up in the middle of hot summer days when lethargy always get the better of me.… Continue reading