The Curse of Moving to a Foreign Country

Something mysterious happens when one moves to a foreign country. One day you are still in the body you brought along with you, and the next you are in a body that poses… Continue reading

The Best Part of the Day

I have always longed to have magical powers so that I could erase those lazy, unproductive hours that are bunched up in the middle of hot summer days when lethargy always get the better of me.… Continue reading

My “Almost” Daily Walks

The best part of my “almost” daily walks is when the cool foyer of the building where we live plucks me from the dragon’s clutches and softly welcomes me back. Yes, I still… Continue reading

Driving Between Dibba and Masafi

On a Saturday morning, about a month ago, Michael decided to show me an interesting phenomenon that can be seen in the arid, yet scenic landscape that opens up on either side of the E89 between Dibba and Masafi.… Continue reading

Hellooooo Summer!

According to yesterday’s newspaper, May, thus far, has been the hottest on record with an average of 42°C in Abu Dhabi. Soaring temperatures make being outside unpleasant, and streets around noon often have a… Continue reading

In Praise of Dates

Growing up, the only thing I knew about dates, was that they came in hard compressed bricks that didn’t excite me at all. Later, as a grown up, I discovered fresh dates, and suddenly my… Continue reading

Strolling through a Sliver of History

The Bastakiya (also known as the Al Fahidi Historical District), a sliver of Dubai’s fragile history, huddles close to the Ruler’s Court and the Creek. It has been beautifully restored and allows for a glimpse… Continue reading

What your Diet says about your Religion

A  Filipino staff member at the hotel, also on his way down to the foyer, spotted my Carrefour shopping bags, and asked, “You go Carrefour Madam?” “No, I’m actually going to Spinneys.” “You a Christian Madam?”… Continue reading

Wadi Ghalilah

The low moan of the wind disrupted my pre-dawn slumber. We were meant to go for a drive to Wadi Ghalilah, but as I looked out the window I saw white caps on the… Continue reading

Wadi Kub

“Wadi Koob” the sign reads. “I wonder what is there”, I muse. It is not often that these signs guide one to the actual place it so proudly announces. Silence follows my remark as we drive… Continue reading