Wish Upon A Star

The gentle snoring of my husband creates little eddies of sound in the otherwise motionless air. There are no other sounds. The sultry night air feels heavy on my skin. Like a warm embrace from a lover. I… Continue reading

Doors: In Sepia

Doors, in Islamic architecture, mark an important transition from community to private space. Their decoration, in the past, was often the only form of artistic expression the inhabitants projected to the outside world, while, at… Continue reading

Fujairah Fort and Old City

A handful of tourists leave as I arrive. The guard hands me a map of Fujairah. There is no fee. Just a welcoming smile. What I presume to be a guide that speaks… Continue reading

The Abu Dhabi International Book Fair

I am grateful for the opportunity to sit on a comfortable couch. My feet ache from walking through the massive exhibition space of the 24th Abu Dhabi International Book Fair. The room is… Continue reading

Dubai – From Small Town to Sprawling Metropolis

Imagine a dusty town huddling close to a creek with no roads, electricity, running water or traffic noise. A place where drinking water has to be brought by donkey, drained through a muslin… Continue reading

You Cannot Book The Weather

A different rhythm shapes the seasons in the UAE. Kharif (autumn), shitta (winter), saif (early summer), and gaith (high summer) all sound, smell, feel, and look different from the seasons that used to structure… Continue reading

An Ocean of Words

Books have always held a special allure for me. Even as a small child, my mother used to recount, I would gently page through magazines and books, careful not to rip any pages. Spending hours… Continue reading

Desert Rain: A Soundtrack

Layers of cloud cover the sky, swirling into a witches brew of grey. Big, fat raindrops burst and explode against window panes, leaving watery trails in their wake. With time the drizzle turns… Continue reading

3 Nights in Bangkok

Uncertain if I wanted to spend any time in Bangkok on my recent visit to Thailand and Cambodia, I thought it wise to only spend a tentative 3 nights, as a last brief stop at the tail… Continue reading

Lifting the Mists of Time

People swirl past in little eddies of noise. I’ve put my camera away, found a comfortable spot, and am allowing myself the luxury of unrushed time. I am simply observing the constant stream of tourists as it flows past with… Continue reading

Chiang Mai – A Crossroads for Travellers

I am caught up in a maelstrom of noise, human bodies, traffic, and air pollution. Fighting against the tide in search of pockets of peace leaves me emotionally exhausted. My lungs feel as… Continue reading

I See A Red Moon Rising

As the clouds drift apart to reveal a ruby grapefruit moon hanging just above the horizon, I pull my knees into my chest and wrap my shawl a little tighter around my shoulders. There… Continue reading

Hili Archaeological Park

During that magical hour when the shadows start to lengthen and the light turns soft and golden, Hili Archaeological Park is the perfect place to visit. The soft cooing of pigeons is only… Continue reading

Celebrating A New Year

While Dubai was busy with a record breaking firework show on New Year’s Eve, I found myself under a canopy of stars that could rival any ostentatious spectacle with its simplicity and sparkle. I must admit… Continue reading

Top 10 Competition on Expats Blog

Expats Blog is a great blogging community that regularly challenges bloggers to participate in some friendly competition. It is a great way to discover new blogs, and as a blogger, to step out of… Continue reading

Wadi Al Nahyan

Pushed up from the seabed millions of years ago, Jebel Hafeet does not just dominate the landscape around Al Ain, but is a fascinating geological feature. Here geologists can study Eocene and Oligocene… Continue reading

With Gratitude

Receiving recognition never fails to bring a warm, fuzzy feeling to my heart. The blogging community is an interesting space and a great place to meet inspirational people. It is evident that countless people in the world are living the… Continue reading

The Growing Season

During the long, hot summer months our once beautiful garden dwindled and disappeared, except for a tenacious origanum, basil, mint and jasmine. We had to concede that the desert won, but we bided our time,… Continue reading

Atta Allah – God’s Gift

The Arabic root for camel, jamel, is also the root for beautiful, jameel. With their long eyelashes, curious eyes, and long, slender legs, I do think camels could be considered beautiful creatures. Their… Continue reading

The Joys of Early Morning Walks

“The sum of the whole is this: walk and be happy; walk and be healthy. The best way to lengthen out our days is to walk steadily and with a purpose.” – Charles… Continue reading