A Sea of Green

The steps of the half-restored ruin that angles towards a periwinkle sky, are slowly disintegrating. The earth from which it was built is flaking away and is returning to a powdery dust. At the top an unexpected… Continue reading

The Ultimate Desert Experience

In the north eastern corner of the Rub Al Khali, or Al Rimal as it is locally known, that covers an expanse of 650,000 square kilometres, mostly in Saudi Arabia, but also stretching into… Continue reading

Lamu Highlights

Swahili culture has fascinated me ever since I visited Mombassa and the surrounding coast in 2001. Unable to visit Lamu Island at the time, I promised myself that one day I’ll make it there. I managed to… Continue reading

Sailing with Sinbad

The sail flaps twice before the wind catches it. There is a sudden jerk as the captain harnesses the wind. The wood groans as the dhow strains to find a symbiotic relationship with the wind.  I shake my… Continue reading

Searching for Sinbad

Sinbad, “that famous traveller who sailed over every sea upon which the sun shines”, has come to embody the spirit of seafarers from Oman. Long before the birth of Islam, the ancient Omanis… Continue reading

An Eid Road Trip

The requirements for a road trip is simple: a vague sense of direction, a full tank of petrol, a sense of curiosity, and enough to eat and drink in case of stumbling upon a scenic spot… Continue reading

A Blast of Cold Air

I leave Bloemhof just before sunrise. The velvety night sky slowly transitions into a dark explosion of colour. South African sunrises and sunsets are fiery, intense and spectacular. It has a dramatic flair that echoes the temperament of its… Continue reading

Slowing Down For Summer

It is that time of the year again when a lull falls over life in the UAE. The sweltering heat of summer urge many expats who can, to either return to their home countries for a visit,… Continue reading

The Sounds of Summer

The dull thud of the concrete truck, as it starts to regurgitate its contents, penetrates through the closed windows that keep the neighbourhood sounds at bay. The building sounds we daily hear in stereo punctuate our waking hours, and… Continue reading

Book Munch

The music that spills out of the funky, bright interior when the waiter opens the door for me has a jazzy feel to it. The bright pink and lime green of the chairs and cushions lure… Continue reading

The Archive Café – A Place to While Away a Couple of Hours

Imagine what it would be like if you could sit in your local library, browse through hard to come by books, sipping a cup of tea or nibbling on a sumptuous breakfast, all while… Continue reading

The Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa dominates the Dubai skyline, and it is a must for every visitor to the city to visit its observation deck for an aerial view. My first visit left me breathless… Continue reading

See the World Through Someone Else’s Eyes

After spending a week in procrastination I have, at last, decided to respond to Alex from A Journey of Sorts . . . and Benjamin from Les3elephants who respectively nominated me for The Versatile Blogger and The Liebster… Continue reading

Omani Halwa

Omani Halwa is a sticky, gelatinous sweet that, although it has become a symbol of Omani hospitality, is just as popular here in the UAE. It is served at all sorts of social… Continue reading

Wadi Al Helo

Nestling in the Hajar mountains, just off the E102 between Kalba and Sharjah, Wadi Al Helo is rich in natural beauty. The mountains resemble rubble piles that have been dumped long ago by… Continue reading

A Great Way to Build Community

Connecting with other bloggers through the blogs they write not only inspires me, but makes me feel part of a community filled with interesting people. A rather cool Canadian couple nominated me today… Continue reading

After the Rain

The morning dawned with whimsical brushstrokes of clouds painting a bright blue sky. After ten days of grey, it is a welcome sight. Instead of watering the garden, I found myself sitting in… Continue reading

A Thirst for the Ocean

I grew up far from the gentle lapping of waves, and perhaps because of that, easily fall for the murmur of the ocean’s voice. Not being a water baby, it takes quite a… Continue reading

The Sound of Rain

The screech of tyres wake me up. I feel groggy with sleep. Then I hear it: the unmistakable deep rumble of thunder. I jump out of bed, eyes struggling to focus, and fling the… Continue reading

In Search of Lakes

On the outskirts of Al Ain, next to the truck road to Abu Dhabi, lies a freshwater lake in the soft embrace of sand dunes. It is an unexpected sight to see so… Continue reading