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Love Food Festival

You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food. – Paul Prudhomme – Imagine biting into a gooey English Cheddar and Emmental toasted sandwich made from sourdough bread, followed by crispy Haloumi… Continue reading

Places to Stay: Serendipity Guest House – Wilderness, South Africa

Name:  Serendipity Guest House and Restaurant Location:  Freesia Avenue, Wilderness, South Africa. Description:  The word serendipity can be defined as a happy, unexpected discovery, which is exactly how I feel about stumbling upon this intimate guest house and restaurant.… Continue reading

A Tinge Of Green

The night air is laced with an uncomfortable chill. Gone are the daylight hours of suffocating heat. The longed for growing season has finally arrived. In my postage stamp size garden clusters of… Continue reading

What your Diet says about your Religion

A  Filipino staff member at the hotel, also on his way down to the foyer, spotted my Carrefour shopping bags, and asked, “You go Carrefour Madam?” “No, I’m actually going to Spinneys.” “You a Christian Madam?”… Continue reading