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Jordan’s Desert Castles

The black asphalt road that runs towards Iraq and Saudi Arabia through Jordan’s Eastern Desert, sags under the heavy bellies of the trucks that rumble over it. Every passing kilometre is replaced by another one stretching in… Continue reading

Mapping the World – St George’s Church, Madaba

He cannot be older than about eight, yet his eyes hold the wisdom and struggles of someone who has lived a long, hard life. He is dirty and dishevelled, and his mantra of “Money!… Continue reading

A Silent Retreat: Shrine of the Beheading of Saint John the Baptist Patron of Madaba and Jordan

I trace the path to the museum with my finger on the tourist map, memorising the twists and turns that would take me there. Although the Madaba museum is my intended destination, I want to venture… Continue reading

Petra – Off The Beaten Track

I draw in a deep breath of fresh air, as Musa and I step out of the car, and immediately feel small in the vast landscape that seems to stretch all the way… Continue reading

Petra in Pictures

Petra – A “lost city” of the ancient world, only known to the Bedouin, who fiercely protected it from outsiders, until the young Swiss explorer, Jean Louis Burckhardt, in 1812, at age 27, visited it… Continue reading

Umm ar-Rasas, JORDAN

A slender tower looms on the horizon, accentuating a sense of isolation and loneliness that seems embedded in the wide-open expanse of the semi-arid pastoral countryside surrounding it. The tower is believed to have formed part of a… Continue reading