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Jabreen Castle – Oman

The mid-day September sun is hot and relentless, but as I step into the shadowy interior of Jabreen Castle, I slip back into a time when air-conditioning did not tax the environment as… Continue reading

Sailing with Sinbad

The sail flaps twice before the wind catches it. There is a sudden jerk as the captain harnesses the wind. The wood groans as the dhow strains to find a symbiotic relationship with the wind.  I shake my… Continue reading

Searching for Sinbad

Sinbad, “that famous traveller who sailed over every sea upon which the sun shines”, has come to embody the spirit of seafarers from Oman. Long before the birth of Islam, the ancient Omanis… Continue reading

An Eid Road Trip

The requirements for a road trip is simple: a vague sense of direction, a full tank of petrol, a sense of curiosity, and enough to eat and drink in case of stumbling upon a scenic spot… Continue reading

A Thirst for the Ocean

I grew up far from the gentle lapping of waves, and perhaps because of that, easily fall for the murmur of the ocean’s voice. Not being a water baby, it takes quite a… Continue reading

Weekend Away

Michael loves fishing. I don’t. Problem is that with him working in Al Ain, we only see one another over weekends, so his fishing expeditions have dwindled into a sorry state of non-existence. To… Continue reading