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Unstable Weather

The gusts of wind make it difficult for me to lock the cat flap. My fingers feel clumsy as I lean over my cat, who insists on being loved and scratched, ignoring my… Continue reading

Desert Rain: A Soundtrack

Layers of cloud cover the sky, swirling into a witches brew of grey. Big, fat raindrops burst and explode against window panes, leaving watery trails in their wake. With time the drizzle turns… Continue reading

After the Rain

The morning dawned with whimsical brushstrokes of clouds painting a bright blue sky. After ten days of grey, it is a welcome sight. Instead of watering the garden, I found myself sitting in… Continue reading

The Sound of Rain

The screech of tyres wake me up. I feel groggy with sleep. Then I hear it: the unmistakable deep rumble of thunder. I jump out of bed, eyes struggling to focus, and fling the… Continue reading

It Smells Like Rain

It is only about 20°C outside and the sun is slowly sinking towards the horizon. At least I think it is as I cannot see it. The only bit of blue sky peeking… Continue reading

An Unexpected Downpour

A I peered out the window I said to Michael: “If we were now in South Africa, I would have told you that there is a thunderstorm on its way!” His reply was… Continue reading

Chasing Rainbows

Rain in the United Arab Emirates is, needless to say, scarce. Even when the clouds look full of promise, or one is lucky enough to see lightning and hear thunder, it does not… Continue reading

I Love Winter!

Yes it is true: “I love winter!” Not that I ever thought I’ll utter those words. When I think of winter the first word that comes to mind is “cold”. To that list… Continue reading