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Deserted Ruins

The GPS is oblivious to the inadequacies of our rental car and the rugged terrain. It insists that I turn left and go straight up the steep hill that rises 800 feet above the Yavu plain. There is no… Continue reading


Patara. A city that witnessed piracy and looting. Had been referred to as ‘the metropolis of the Lycian Nation’. Was the judicial seat of the Roman Governor. Fell under the rule of Antiochos III of Syria for… Continue reading

Stalking Santa Claus

Strips of cardboard boxes form narrow bridges across the street where pools of liquid tar are held captive by the hollows and depressions in the road surface. Tiny reservoirs of black rain that smell of over-ripe fruit. Its… Continue reading

Kaya For Short

In the distance I can hear the hooting of an owl, as the last of the daylight slowly fades away. The scattering of stars become brighter and more plentiful. A tiara of precious stones adorning… Continue reading