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The Things People Tell Me

The United Arab Emirates as a country was founded today, 2 December, exactly 50 years ago, when Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ajman, and Umm-al-Quwain joined forces. Ras-al-Khaimah, the 7th emirate making up… Continue reading

Landscapes – A Virtual Travel Adventure

“Adventures will change you. They’ll saturate you with a fresh view of life. They’ll take every foundation you ever stood on and shake them until they crack. Adventures will tear away layer after… Continue reading

Slumbering Days

It is just after 4 am. The first call to prayer for the day invades my dreams. It is the first day of Ramadan. The first day of fasting for millions of Muslims around the world.… Continue reading


Today is the first day of the first month (Muharram) in the Islamic Calendar. Although it is celebrated as the Islamic New Year and marks the Prophet Muhammad’s move from Mecca to Medina in the year 622AD,… Continue reading


Eid-al-Adha or Feast of the Sacrifice was celebrated today by Muslim communities all over the world, although the date my differ by a day depending on where you find yourself. Today, my husband… Continue reading


Today is the first day of Shawwal, when Eid-al-Fitr is celebrated, marking the end of Ramadan. The time of fasting is over, and celebrations is the order of the day. On this day Muslims gather in… Continue reading

A Time of Fasting

During the month of Ramadan in around 610 CE Muhammad ibn Abdallah, forty years old, a family man and a respected merchant in Mecca, retreated to a cave on the summit of Mount Hira,… Continue reading

Al Isra Wal Miraj

Sunday was the 27th day of Rajab, which is the seventh month in the Islamic calendar, and marked the Muslim holiday of Al Isra wal Miraj or Night Journey. As the Islamic calendar… Continue reading

The Best Part of the Day

I have always longed to have magical powers so that I could erase those lazy, unproductive hours that are bunched up in the middle of hot summer days when lethargy always get the better of me.… Continue reading

The Prophet’s Birthday

This year on the 4th of February the birthday of the Prophet Muhammed, peace be upon him, is celebrated. As the Islamic calendar is lunar, the date varies from year to year. It is an official… Continue reading