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Lamu Highlights

Swahili culture has fascinated me ever since I visited Mombassa and the surrounding coast in 2001. Unable to visit Lamu Island at the time, I promised myself that one day I’ll make it there. I managed to… Continue reading

Sailing with Sinbad

The sail flaps twice before the wind catches it. There is a sudden jerk as the captain harnesses the wind. The wood groans as the dhow strains to find a symbiotic relationship with the wind.  I shake my… Continue reading

A Fishy Story – Part 2

“There is something wrong with this thing. It is not the same as the other one. I don’t like this!” I complained as I was reeling in yet another fish. No one was… Continue reading

On Turtle Watch

Late yesterday afternoon I was one of the lucky ones to witness turtles hatch on a deserted beach off the Kenyan coast on Manda Island, and take their first faltering steps towards the dangerous… Continue reading

Travel Dreams

Summer in the UAE is not a time for outdoor adventures as I much rather prefer spending my days in cool, air-conditioned spaces, than venturing out in what can only be described as a furnace. Although… Continue reading