Slowing Down For Summer

It is that time of the year again when a lull falls over life in the UAE. The sweltering heat of summer urge many expats who can, to either return to their home countries for a visit, or to travel to cooler places. There are even some businesses that close their doors at the end of June, only to re-open them in September. July and August are the black sheep in the calendar.

This year the holy month of Ramadan will claim most of July and take a small bite out of August. As Muslims are fasting during the daylight hours, restaurants and food outlets close their doors, as eating and drinking in public are prohibited during these hours. It is only after sunset that life resumes again with an exuberant energy.

I seem to fall into a state of lethargy during the summer months and prefer to hide indoors as much as I can. I only venture outside if I have to or at sunrise when I water our postage stamp-sized garden, hoping that the remaining herbs and grass will survive the blistering months ahead. It is only our small jasmine bush that seems to revel in the heat, and is growing at an astounding rate.

To survive summer, I will visit friends and family in South Africa for three weeks, and for the rest of the time, try to find all the cool spots in the UAE, which would most probably involve water and air-conditioners.

Soothing water

I am also planning to spend many happy hours this summer reading, and in case you have the same idea, I have some great suggestions:

Safia ( nominated me for the Shine On Award, and as she so eloquently put it when she debated accepting this award herself, and in the process managed to convince me to play along: “In my opinion, if I didn’t accept, it would be like not returning the smile of a stranger in the street, or turning my back when the hand of friendship is extended in my direction.”

I, a while back also got nominated for a Liebster Award, and although I said “thank you”, I decided not to accept and go through all the work of paying the compliment forward. I guess I did not smile back at, which I will now do, albeit belated, by nominating her and all the below blogs for this award. Each of these blogs is lovely in their own right and certainly worth exploring.


Oh yes, and then I am supposed to mention 7 things about myself:

  1. I love reading.
  2. I am a certified yoga instructor.
  3. I worked for most of my life as a drama teacher.
  4. I need a lot of sleep to function properly.
  5. I often wish I had the energy of a 4-year old.
  6. I love being outside during that hour that hugs sunsets and sunrises.
  7. I prefer solitude or one-on-one interactions to crowds.

shine-on award** Note to the writers of all the lovely blogs mentioned: If you would like to accept this delightful award, copy the image in a post, list seven facts about yourself, and pay it forward by nominating 15 blogs you enjoy reading. If you don’t, know that there are people who enjoy reading what you have to say, and simply carry on living a life of adventure.

** An excellent site to discover interesting blogs is Expat Blogs, and while there you can check out an interview I did for them, and if you are inclined to do so, you may also leave a comment regarding my blog here.